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Engenius International

Engenius International has over the years become one of the top leaders in international education in Thailand, providing opportunities for cultural exchange, international work experience and language studies abroad to thousands of high school and university students from Thailand who wish to boost their opportunities for the future. Further to that, Engenius International is happy to give hundreds of scholarships every year to Thai students wanting to study in the United States, Canada, Japan, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, China, Taiwan and many more countries around the globe.

To increase student success rate and provide an unforgettable experience, Engenius International has partnered up with ASSE, one of the biggest international student exchange organizations in today’s world, proudly holding more than 80 years of experience and overseeing more than 10,000 host families, schools and companies around the globe, giving a safe environment to incoming students from more than 30 countries, including Thailand. The programs co-jointly offered by Engenius International and ASSE include the following:

High School Student Exchange Programs for high school students to experience the popular one year exchange program at a public or private high school in the United States (or one of the more than 20 other host countries). Accommodation is offered by a carefully selected host family, often becoming “the second family” of the student. Students can transfer grades when coming back to Thailand after having completed the year.

Pathway Student Exchange Programs for high school students who wish to complete their secondary education at a certified private high school in the United States and then automatically transfer to an American university after graduating from high school.

Go Campus Exchange Programs, designated for Thai high school students who are planning to graduate from high school in Thailand but wish to study at a renowned university in the United Stated or in the United Kingdom. This program comprises the whole course curriculum and accommodation up until graduation of a selected Bachelor’s Degree.

Study Abroad Summer Language Courses, offering a great experience to high school students from Thailand who wish to improve their English, French or German skills during term break by travelling to one of our host countries as a group. It is the best way to experience a foreign culture for the first time while learning the national language in its natural environment.

EurAupair Intercultural Child Care Programs, providing live-in child care assistance for American host families. This program offers a combination of cultural exchange and working in the field of child care for freshly grads from Thailand for a period of 1-2 years.

Work and Travel Programs for college and university students who are enrolled full-time in Thailand and wish to travel the United States to gain more international experience by working and travelling in the US during their summer or spring break for 2-4 months.

Trainee/Internship Programs that are designated to allow college and university students or recent graduates in the field of hospitality and tourism to gain exposure to US-culture and to receive hands-on work experience in the US tourism industry.